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Aerodentis Straighten your teeth while you sleep

The Aerodentis system is a treatment paradigm for straightening teeth, based on over three decades of medical research.

Suitable for all ages, it addresses many of significant shortcomings of existing orthodontic treatment methods, most notably conventional braces and clear aligners. Intended for use at night while sleeping, the Aerodentis treatment system gives you complete freedom from any orthodontic device during the day and throughout normal activities.

The Aerodentis system is based on the same biomechanical principles of traditional orthodontics: Applying customizable force to reach the predetermined, final tooth position. With Aerodentis, your doctor sets the customized, ideal force for you with extremely accurate digital electronic control and predictability.

The system is made up of the following components:

The Aerodentis system applies programmable force, determined according to your case by your doctor, to reposition your teeth and achieve for the ideal aesthetic and orthodontic outcome.

A Safer, Healthier Alternative

The Aerodentis system applies pulsating physiological force to move teeth gradually to the desired position. The digitally controlled pneumatic force facilitates excellent blood circulation in the underlying periodontal ligament tissue between the root and jawbone. This augments tissue regeneration and potentially helps reduce the risk of root resorption from the application of too much continuous force, which is a risk with conventional orthodontic braces and aligners.