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Originator braces in Derbyshire

The Originator clear aligner system is ideal for correcting minor crowding or spacing , particularly of the front six teeth. It is ideal for problems where we anticipate a short treatment time and, available at a lower cost than other clear aligner systems, it offers excellent value for money.

Originator aligners place force on your anterior teeth to move them gradually into place using a series of custom-made aligner trays. You will need to wear each tray for approximately three to four weeks, and –with a 0.5mm movement per tray – we can achieve most corrections using just three trays.

The Originator aligners are hypoallergenic and are hand made by skilled lab technicians to fit you perfectly. To achieve the best results, you will need to wear the aligners day and night, apart from when you want to eat, drink, brush and floss.

They are easy to clean, clear and barely noticeable to others, which is very appealing to adult clients who may feel self-conscious about wearing more traditional braces or aligners.